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Website Design

This project included a website design which can be found here.

Entering the 4th Dimension

Editorial publication and branding project

Entering the 4th Dimension

Final Publication for

Parsons Core 3 Topics: Editorial Design

Fall 2021

Entering the 4th Dimension was the final project for Core 3 Topics: Editorial. The project incorporated a printed book, website design, and additional branding element. This project explores the relationship between the 4th dimension and digital user experience. The printed editorial combined articles, equations, and fictional stories exploring the topic of the fourth dimension, held within a 3-D object. The website translates the content to the 2nd dimension. For the additional element, a poster was created with an interactive element of folding the print into a cube, encouraging the user to consider dimensionality. Each surface of the cube uses a risograph printed image of a solar system, discussed in one of the project's articles.


The fourth dimension is theorized to be time itself. Through the project's design, I argue that web-archives captured by computers allow humans, as 3-dimensional beings, to interact with the 4th dimension. Although we primarily interact with websites in the present moment, we are able to see websites of the past through portals such as Wayback Machine. These allow us to interact with a past user experience in the present.

The printed book design uses monospace Courier type to play off the idea of surfaces and planes, which relates to moving from 2-D to 3-D. Additionally the choice of type creates a historical reference for the printer book to the first computer fonts.  The books images are printed in risograph style layers to further the concepts of dimensional planes and space. The color scheme uses a CMYK color palette which connected early computers to their printer counterparts.

This project was an investigation of the intersection between printed material, digital experience, and human interaction. It expressed dimensionality through its topic and design concepts.

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