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Love & Sex & Science

Final Publication for

Intro to Typography

Fall 2019

Love & Sex & Science was the final project for Introduction to Typography. The book is a collection of articles, essays, and interviews on the intersection of love, sex, and science. This topic delves into insights on a universal human experience. 


Within the design of this book, both serif and sans-serif fonts are mixed to highlight the dichotomy of human centered experiences and scientific findings. Serif fonts were designed to mimic human handwriting on early printing presses. On the other hand sans-serif fonts were popularized during the turn of the 20th century with the modernist movement, and are characterized by their efficiency and simplicity. Sans-serif fonts are often used in scientific fields. 

The images were printed spanning multiple pages and extending to the pages edge because love is seen as an emotion that often breaks bounds, uncontained by rigid measures. Pops of pink text highlight quotes within the articles, because the topic is tied to concepts of femininity.

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