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Woven Outputs

Reverse Jacquard Loom

Independent Project

Generative Web Design

Spring 2022

Reverse Jacquard Loom was a project created for Generative Web. The assignment was to write generative code that would produce over 100 image outputs. Given my interest in intersectionality, and my textile hobbies, I came up with the concept of creating a weaving pattern generator. 


The code uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The warp (top rectangle) is generated so that one block in every column is filled. The weft (right rectangle) generated a filled square for each column. The top small square is the Tie-Up, which is standard for most weaving looms. The generated warp and weft create the woven Draw-Down pattern. Once the pattern was generated, I created woven outputs. The generated patterns are repeated six times horizontally and five times vertically.

This process is a reversal of the Jacquard textile loom, which was an influence for the first punch card computers. This project is intended to be expanded upon in the future to include more complex weaving patterns, with more tie-ups patterns and additional strings.

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